Angry Birds show coming to a TV near you

Just as Angry Birds was knocked from the top spot on Apple’s App Store free app list, Rovio announced that it will be producing an animated series based on the wildly popular mobile title.

The premise for the game – a group of birds furious that their pig neighbors have stolen their precious eggs – will somehow be adapted into a TV version. 

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the cult-classic Animaniacs “Goodfeathers” cartoon. 

But unlike the Angry Birds, at least the “Godpigeons” can talk, even if it is just a series of “Forgettabouuutits.”

The New York Post reports that Rovio has been in talks with British TV site C21 media, and is ready to “move into production” on the animated series for TV or web.

The cartoon is part of Rovio’s mission to sell licensing agreements to various production companies.

The game, which debuted in 2009, was the first original mobile property to be adapted for other mass media like slingshot plush bird dolls, iPhone cases, and even an Angry Birds board game created by Mattel.

Since its inception, Angry Birds has become a pop culture phenomena, breaking records in the App Store and around the world.

If its successful track record is any indication of how the TV show will do, the future certainly looks bright for Rovio.