Apple to allow "uncensored" Playboy app

Apple’s stance on porn has always been a prudish ‘NO.’ But in a bold movie, Hugh Hefner announced on Twitter the App Store will stock old and new issues of Playboy on the iPad store shelves as of March 2011.

Hef added the new and improved Playboy app will indeed be uncensored, unlike the current version of the crappy no frontal nudity app available in the App Store.

Does this partnership mark a serious change in Apple’s strict no adult content policy?

Will it mean full nudity for all apps? Is the next step porn apps?!

Well, before you get too excited, just remember that Apple’s policy has always been no frontal nudity.

So, allowing Playboy an “uncensored version” will probably come with some heavy stipulations.

Porn enthusiasts can still hope for a better more nude future, but my guess is Apple isn’t going to be allowing the good stuff anytime soon.

A better guess is that Playboy forked over some huge amount of cash or agreed on some soul-selling deal to get into the app store.

Or maybe the move describes Steve’s taste in pornographic material and what he finds good enough for his dear old App Store. [[Apple]]