Sprint rumored to intro dual-screen 4G tablet Feb 7

Sprint will be holding an invitation-only media event on February 7, where it’s assumed the carrier will introduce a new iPad killer with two big features – 4G connectivity and dual screens.

In the invitation, Sprint teases the event will be introducing “another first” for the mobile industry. Of course, Sprint was the first to launch a 4G network in the US, the first to introduce a 4G-capable phone, and the first to bring 4G to a tablet, courtesy of Blackberry’s Playbook.

The online buzz is that this contraption will be another 4G tablet, but this one will have dual screens. They won’t be equally sized. One will focus as the main screen while the other will have secondary information and controls.

There’s some miscellaneous scuttlebutt also circulating about HTC’s new 3D display technology. We have no way of knowing if HTC has anything to do with the Sprint event, but the rumors are out there that perhaps this will not only be a dual-screen 4G tablet, but it’ll be 3D as well.

Lending to that idea is the special guest who will be at the event – David Blaine. Yes, that David Blaine. So there’s gotta be some sort of illusionary magic tie-in, and a revolutionary 3D display might just do the trick.

We’ll be at the event so stay tuned for a full report on February 7.