Christian Bale to Play Steve Jobs?

While there’s no official word just yet, David Fincher, director of Fight Club and The Social Network, is up to helm the official Steve Jobs biopic, which will be released by Sony. Aaron Sorkin wrote the screenplay, and now reports are burning up the net as to who could play the title role.

According to The Wrap, Fincher’s first choice is Christian Bale, and that would indeed be a hell of a choice. With a full beard, Bale does indeed look like Steve, and he’s great at playing driven, obsessed, and somewhat crazy people. In fact, Batman should be great training for taking on the role of Jobs. 

With Fincher and Sorkin involved, you know they’re not going to just hire some putz to play Steve Jobs, and the possibilities of Bale playing Jobs with a script from Sorkin and Fincher directing…the mind boggles at what a great combination this would be. 

Fincher often has the habit of flirting with a number of projects he doesn’t get around to making, so we do hope he’ll stick with this one, and the team of Fincher, Bale and Sorkin can deliver the biopic Steve Jobs deserves.