Lego Team May Helm Next Ghostbusters Movie

So after many years of net rumors and speculations, Ghostbusters 3 is finally a go, and it’s being slated for a 2015 start. Yet after the passing of Harold Ramis, who played Egon Spengler, Ivan Reitman is stepping down from the director’s chair, because his heart just isn’t in it without Harold.

Now reports tell us an interesting choice to direct is coming in for Ghostbusters 3, and it gives us more hope that a third film could actually be a worthwhile endeavor. The Wrap tells us it’s Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who helmed the Lego Movie. 

The Lego team could indeed bring the right spirit to this film, and we’re not surprised that they could be on a potential shortlist to helm it, because the Lego movie has been doing incredible business, and it’s launched what’s sure to be a major new Hollywood franchise. 

As it’s been previously reported, the third Ghostbusters movie will have the original guys in a limited capacity, and they’ll be passing the torch to a new generation of spirit hunters. We still don’t know if Bill Murray will ever return to the franchise or not, so can a new Ghostbusters fly with Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson being the only originals returning? It looks like we’ll one day find out for certain, because Ghostbusters 3 is apparently going to start production either early this fall, or early 2015 in New York.