Transformers the Musical?

No, Michael Bay isn’t trying to launch Optimus Prime on Broadway. Even if something like that was done as a parody, the guy’s not known for his sense of irony. Trans4rmers is the latest musical parody that’s become an underground phenomenon, much like the Point Break musical parody that hit L.A. several years ago. 

As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, there’s a troupe of musical comedy people who go under the name of 30 Minute Musicals. Grace Phipps from the Vampire Diaries is performing in it, which is called Trans4mers, as the Megan Fox character. 

Michael Bay is also part of this musical of course, and there’s a song called Bay’d. This is a very low budget affair, with actors battling each other in cardboard robot costumes, and two actors playing Bay’s script supervisors, two 13-year old kids who make sure his scripts stay at the same maturity level. 

You may recall some time back there was a musical version of Point Break that became another underground phenomenon, and Transformers is definitely ripe for satire. It should also be an interesting little appetizer for the main course, Transformers: Age of Extinction, which is headed to theaters on June 27, 2014.