Avatar Sequels Promise to Go Deeper With 3D

While many scoffed at the big comeback of 3D, and in many cases it was certainly deserved, Avatar was a major game changer for the technology. And as you can predict by now, James Cameron promises he’s going to take 3D technology even deeper the next time around. 

As insane as Avatar looked when it was unleashed in 2009, Cameron has now said at the 3D Creative Summit in London, “I’m going to open up my depth more on the Avatar sequels. In my defense, I thought I might be making a three-hour movie and nobody had ever gone more than 90 minutes so we didn’t know if people were going to go cross-eyed and have their eyeballs melt. Now we know good stereo is good stereo and you can watch it indefinitely.”

As we all know by now, Cameron always wants to up the ante on every movie he makes, and he’ll want to take things to the highest levels he can with the sequels, which will start hitting theaters in 2016. He also called out other filmmakers to try and raise the 3D benchmark as well.

“I want filmmakers to embrace this technology as an art form. People like Martin Scorsese, Ang Lee and Alfonso Cuaron are artistically using that third dimension versus studios forcing filmmakers to do post-conversion where the shots weren’t composed with 3D in mind, and it just doesn’t feel right.” 

As reported previously on TGD, the Avatar sequels will all be shot at the same time, a la Lord of the Rings, and production may begin later this year with the first installment aiming for a 2016 release.