Google rolls out Android wear for devs

Google has officially rolled out Android Wear (preview) for developers, effectively extending Mountain View’s popular mobile platform to wearables.

According to Google rep Austin Robison, smartwatches powered by Android Wear are fully capable of responding to spoken questions and commands to provide info and execute defined tasks.

“We designed Android Wear to bring a common user experience and a consistent developer platform to this new generation of devices. We can’t wait to see what you will build,” Robison wrote in an official Google blog post.

“Your app’s notifications will already appear on Android wearables and starting today, you can sign up for the Android Wear Developer Preview. You can use the emulator provided to preview how your notifications will appear on both square and round Android wearables.”

The dev preview also includes new Android Wear APIs which allows software engineers to customize and extend notifications to accept voice replies, while featuring additional pages and stack with similar notifications. Additional APIs and features for Android Wear are expected to roll out at some point in the near future.