The Secrets of the Lost Reunion

We reported on TGD that a Lost reunion was coming to Los Angeles, and it finally happened on the weekend of March 16. The show’s creators, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were there, along with Josh Holloway, Jorge Garcia, Yunjin Kim, Ian Somerhanlder, Maggie Grace, and more. 

As Zap2it tells us, the highlights of the reunion included the following…Like the Han shot first controversy, Lindelof and Cuse said they know who took a shot at the outrigger, but won’t say who. Those shooters had a backstory, but the Lost creators would rather keep it a secret because it’s more fun. 

None of the actors were told of their backstories either, because Lindelof and Cuse wanted the actors to be free to come up with their own things, and they liked taking cues from their cast. They also indeed really floated a raft out to see, and as Holloway recalled, “We sailed that raft hallway to Kauai. They left us out there.” 

Lastly, it needs to be said that there was no Sixth Sense twist with Lost. The characters were not dead, and the island was not purgatory. You don’t think they would pull a twist that stupid, do you? (Well, maybe if M Night Shyamalan directed an episode, he’d also probably move the island to Philadelphia.)