The Death of Wolverine?

We know that recently Hugh Jackman has talked about inevitably having to walk away from playing Wolverine. Every ride has to end, but it’s going to be strange seeing someone else playing that character. (Then again, we probably thought that same thing about the Adam West era of Batman.) 

But could Wolverine one day meet an end like Superman? And could that day be coming soon? Axel Alonso, the editor in chief at Marvel, has told the Hollywood Reporter, “We’re not messing around” about a new storyline called “3 Months to Die.” 

This storyline will run through Wolverine issues eight through twelve, which will launch in June. As Alonso added, “We are going to fully explore Wolverine’s mortality – what that means to him, what that means to the X-Men, what it means to the Marvel Universe.” And as the Reporter also points out, Wolverine has died before in X-Men Forever and Ultimatum. 

Even if Wolverine’s time is at hand, we all know there’s always a way to resurrect a character. Superman didn’t stay dead forever, and we’re sure you can’t keep a good mutant down either.