New Movie, Print the Legend, Exposes 3D Printing

Many are hyping 3D printing as the way of the future, but is this really case, or is it a bunch of hype? Print the Legend, a new movie about 3D printing, tries to get to the bottom of this. 

Print the Legend premiered at the South By Southwest festival, and it was directed by Luis Lopez and Clay Tweel. As the Huffington Post tells us, the film deals with 3D printing’s rapid rise in popularity in the last five years, the companies that have kept it going like Makerbot and FormLabs, as well as Cody Wilson, an anarchist, who made a 3D printed gun he called “The Liberator.” 

Lopez and Tweel were veterans from the documentary King of Kong, and the Post calls Print the Legend “a wholly riveting biopic of a burgeoning industry.” Variety has also called it “compelling,” and a “skillful overview of the major players in the 3D printing industry.” 

The official synopsis for Print the Legend tells us, “3D Printing is changing the world. Print the Legend follows the people racing to bring this hot technology to your home, documenting the ‘Macintosh Moment’ of this revolution and exploring what it takes to live the American Dream.”

“Macintosh moment”? Is 3D printing really going to have an impact on that big of a level? We’re definitely curious to see what Print the Legend has to say about all this.