Titanfall About to Explode

There’s certain video game titles that you know are going to be blockbusters when they’re finally unleashed on the world. Another Halo game? Natch. Call of Duty? Ditto. But what about Titanfall?

Right now, word is all over the net that Titanfall could be a huge game, and according to one report, there’s a lot riding on this title. The New York Times tells us that Microsoft have pinned their hopes on Titanfall in reviving Xbox One, and bringing its sales up to Sony PlayStation level.

The Times tells us that Titanfall ahs already gotten rave reviews, and it will be unleashed in three different platforms – Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows. As one Microsoft executive said, “It’s hard to understate how incredibly important Titanfall is for Xbox.”

The ultimate goal? Considering you can only play this game on Microsoft consoles, the company hopes the game will be so hot that you can’t help but spend $500 to get an Xbox One and play it. You’ll also be able to buy the game and the Xbox One together for $500, and we’ll definitely be watching to see how Titanfall will impact the sales of the console, and vice versa.