Edge of Tomorrow: The Sci-Fi Groundhog Day?

We at TGD love time travel stories, and it’s always fascinating to think how you could alter your life, and the destinies of many others, if you go back in the past and start making changes. But what about a Groundhog Day style concept where you go over the past over and over again, but here it’s in the sci-fi mode?

This is apparently what the next Tom Cruise flick, Edge of Tomorrow, will promise. Looking at stills of this film, it doesn’t look too much different from his last sci-fi epic, Obvilion, but the idea of a Groundhog Day style scenario in a genre setting is almost too irresistible to pass up. 




Tomorrow is an adaption of the novel All You Need is Kill, and it will be opening in June. The basic premise is Cruise plays an army colonel in the future, battling aliens called Mimics that are attacking our planet. He’s killed his first day on the combat field, but then gets stuck in a time warp that repeats that day over and over. 

From what we’ve also been reading, this is not your typical Tom Terrific role we’ve known Cruise to play. There’s a lot of shades of gray with this guy, but we’re certainly not going to spoil anything for you. What we’ve read about it so far sounds pretty interesting, and far from a typical sci-fi shoot ‘em up. 

Look for Edge of Tomorrow on June 6, 2014.