Scientific TV is Back with Cosmos and I F-ing Love Science

The late Carl Sagan became a pop culture icon in the eighties with Cosmos, a wonderful show that explained complicated science in a way that the layman could understand and enjoy. Now Cosmos is back, and Craig Ferguson also just got the greenlight for his new show, I F-ing Love Science.

The new host of Cosmos is Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist. You may also be aware of the fact that Cosmos came back with the help of Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame. Tyson told USA Today that MacFarlane got Cosmos on a major TV network, Fox, whereas before it was the domain of public television. 

As MacFarlane told the press, “The fans of animation, there’s a big crossover (with science), so it’s obviously not a hard leap to something like Cosmos.” 

Meanwhile, I F-ing Love Science will be premiering soon on, you guessed it, The Science Channel, and Craig Ferguson will be the executive producer. Ferguson told Foxnews, “If you know anything about me, you know I love science, and this show is going to explore the randomness of science. Think of it as a late night Google search that goes a hundred pages deep until things get weird, and then you just keep going.” 

So it’s definitely cool that science shows are back in this day and age. We’ve certainly come a long way from Mr. Wizard, and here’s hoping that Cosmos and I F-ing Love Science can awaken the wonder in new generations of fans.