Are Sequels to RoboCop and Dredd in the Works?

The new edition of RoboCop hasn’t exactly taken off with audiences or the critics, but there may be some current speculation, or wishful thinking on somebody’s part, God knows who, that there could be a sequel. Allow us to explain…

As Den of Geek and Giant Freakin Robot speculate, there could be a sequel to RoboCop because it’s getting closer to the $200 million mark world-wide, although we’re not sure if these are the kinds of numbers that would get a major studio excited about making another movie. After all, Pacific Rim has made $400 million world-wide, and it still may not be enough to warrant a sequel, even though the fans would love one. 

While Dredd wasn’t a box office bonanza either, it now has a pretty nice cult of fans who were very satisfied with the movie, and would love another one. As we’ve reported here previously on TGD, there was an online petition to get a Dredd sequel up and running, and Dredd himself, Karl Urban, has confirmed to Giant Freakin Robot that talks have been going on with director Pete Travis and screenwriter Alex Garland. 

There is a bit of a groundswell building for Dredd. It’s going well on DVD and Blu-Ray, and the new Dredd comics that just came out sold out in a hurry. We’d be far more interested in a new Dredd movie any day than RoboCop, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the right movie will get sequelized here.