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Great Video of NASA Astronauts Saluting Gravity Movie in Space

While Gravity didn’t win the Best Picture nod, it won more Academy Awards than any other movie on Oscar night. And appropriately enough, the film got another great nod that was very apropos, from space naturally. 

As Variety tells us, one video giving director Alfonso Cuaron props was shot from the International Space Station with three NASA astronauts, one of whom said, “Up here, 260 miles above Earth, we know a little bit about gravity and the lack of gravity.” Another astronaut also said the film “brought back a lot of memories” for him. High praise indeed from someone who’s actually been in space. 



After winning Best Director, Alfonso Curaon also talked to Variety about the big question on everyone’s minds…what’s next? “I want my life back,” he said. “Life of not thinking about Gravity. I don’t even remember that.” 

Cuaron is not sure what he’s going to do next, but he has the new show with JJ Abrams, Believe, coming to NBC, and whatever comes next, “I don’t want to make choices now based on the success of Gravity. You have no idea how grateful I am of Gravity. It was really transformative for a lot of us involved. But also I want to close it and move on.” 

Thankfully, as much as Warner Brothers would want one, there won’t be a Gravity 2.