Buy a Bat Tumbler For a Million Dollars

Last year, a lucky collector with big bucks bought one of the original Batmobiles from the ’66 TV show for millions of dollars. There’s a lot of great memorabilia fans with big money can buy, and now if you’ve got to have your own Batman tumbler, you can rip down the street in one, but it will definitely cost ya.

How much? There’s a company called World’s Luxury Marketplace that has built replicas of the Christian Bale Bat Tumbler, and the price is a million bucks. According to The Guardian, it is street legal, you can drive it around if you wish, and the specs included 44 inch tires with custom rims, a CD / DVD player, assist cameras, custom interiors, and GPS navigation world wide. The Tumbler only comes in the color black. 

James Edition is a company based out of Florida, and you can visit their website here. They also have a Lamborghini Roadster on sale for $789 Gs, and a Lamborghini Miura for over a million. But if you have this kind of money to spend, wouldn’t you want a Bat Tumbler too? Hell, I’d love one of the TV show Batmobiles to race around.

We’d also like to mention that unlike a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, there’s only five of these Tumblers available, so if you’ve got the money to blow, you better move fast. We’d be very curious to see who would have the kind of scratch to purchase one of these things, so if anyone does indeed pick one up, you’ll read about it here on TGD.