Rob Zombie, the Author of American Psycho, and Manson to Converge

It seems that in recent years the press has made a big effort in not trying to glorify Charles Manson. People used to enjoy him acting crazy on talk shows, and Manson shirts were popular in the early nineties when interest in serial killers was at their peak, but you get the impression people don’t want to etch him any further into the history books.

It’s hard to believe ol’ Charlie’s going to turn eighty this year, and Bret Easton Ellis, the author of American Psycho, along with Rob Zombie, will be creating a mini-series about him. Zombie plans to direct. 

There has already been two TV adaptations of the book Helter Skelter, and there are many who still find the Manson case fascinating. It’s cliché to say it, but it was indeed a crime that shocked the world, and it brought an end to the peace and love of the sixties in one fell swoop. 

As Zombie told Variety, “I’ve been obsessed with this insane story since I was a kid, so obviously I jumped at the chance to be involved in this incredible project. After speaking with Bret, I immediately realized that we shared the same vision for this epic madness.”