Will and Jaden Smith Collect Razzies For After Earth

While there was a surprise here and there at the Academy Awards this year, it was fairly predictable what would win, which is usually how the Oscars go. When the Razzies come along every year as well, it’s often pretty predictable what will win as well, especially with so many cinematic dogs stinking up the joint. 

So you knew when the Razzies came around this year that After Earth would be one of the movies being awarded, and while it didn’t come up for worst movie – Movie 43 did – it still won Will and Jaden several awards, including worst supporting actor for papa Will, and worst screen combo.

As the Associated Press tells us, Jaden came out ahead of his father, winning worst actor, and After Earth and Movie 43 tied for the most Razzie awards. Funny enough, The Lone Ranger, which also got hammered by the critics and laid a big egg at the box office, only got one Razzie, 

It’s not surprising that After Earth did so, ah, well at the Razzies this year, but at least one Razzie regular can take solace. Adam Sandler didn’t win any Razzies this year for Grown-Ups 2, which got eight nominations, but got shut out. Like the saying goes, they can’t all be winners.