More Early Godzilla Reactions

First there was the tweet from famous guitarist Slash, formerly of Guns N Roses. He’s actually seen Godzilla months in advance, and he really liked it a lot. “F’n epic” was his response. Now some other people have seen twenty minutes of the new model Godzilla. The verdict?

So far, so good apparently. Director Gareth Edwards showed twenty minutes of the film in Hamburg Germany for sentimental reasons because his first film, Monsters, premiered there as well.

As nerdbastards reports, a source who saw the footage was “impressed by the gloomy and grim picture. They reminded us a little of Cloverfield – only better. Seeing Godzilla, the monster itself, on the big screen in all its magnificence calms our skeptical Godzilla-fanboy hearts.” 

Clearly, the powers that be want to build good word of mouth for the next Godzilla movie, and as we’ve seen in recent times, it’s much smarter to bring the geeks in than to shut them out. The 1998 Godzilla tried the complete secrecy routine, and it backfired. We know what the new Godzilla looks like, that certainly won’t be a secret until opening day like the last time, and if the current word of mouth is true, maybe the US finally got Godzilla right. 

Look for Godzilla on May 16.