Bradley’s Oscar Night Makes Twitter History For Ellen

So the Academy Awards came and went, and while Gravity pulled in the most wins, it was a night where a lot of split decisions were made, especially with 12 Years a Slave and The Dallas Buyers Club, and several films were pretty much shut out (American Hustle, Wolf of Wall Street). The night also made some interesting Twitter news, which is expected when the whole world is watching an event like this.

The big news that hit the web is that the selfie Ellen DeGeneres took at the Academy Awards, which some reports dubbed “the Best photo ever,” and as of this writing, it got close to three million retweets, and 1.4 million favorites. It also reportedly caused Twitter to crash for twenty minutes, although some reports dispute this. (In addition, the L.A. Times said this selfie is a boon for Samsung, because Ellen used either a Samsung Galaxy or Note to take the picture.) 

Jennifer Lawrence was the most tweeted celebrity at the Oscars for taking another tumble at the Academy Awards. (You may recall, she fell on the steps when winning the Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook) Gravity was also the most tweeted movie, and it looked pretty good it was going to win Best Picture, but 12 Years a Slave obviously took that award. (Gravity still won the most Oscars last night regardless.) 

According to The Wrap, there were 14.7 million Oscar tweets all over the twittersphere on March 2.