The Origin Story of Viking Santa Claus?

Who’s sick and tired of origin story movies? How many times have we seen the origin of Superman and Spider-Man? Who cares how the Death Star was built? And who cares how Santa Claus came to be? Didn’t we see that on a Rankin Bass special already?

Well, somebody wants to do a new, creative take on it, and apparently Hollywood is interested enough that a major studio is willing to shell out some big bucks for it. Actually, this is a Viking Santa Claus story, and it’s called Winter’s Knight. It also just sold for a million bucks. 

As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, the script was part of a hot bidding war, and the guys who wrote it, Ben Lustig and Jake Thornton, are newcomers, but the directors of Kon-Tiki, are going to direct it. 

So now Santa Claus is getting rebooted, and perhaps how the Easter Bunny became the Easter Bunny will be next. Or again, did Rankin Bass already do that?