David Fincher May Direct the Biopic on Steve Jobs

The rights to the life of Steve Jobs were snapped up by Sony right after he passed away, but it certainly didn’t stop another Jobs biopic, which starred Ashton Kutcher, from being rushed into production. While that version didn’t do well, Aaron Sorkin wrote a script for the Sony version, and now David Fincher may be directing.

The Sorkin script is reportedly three scenes long, with each scene running half an hour. That alone makes it sound fascinating, much like a stage play in three acts. While we’re not sure if three whole scenes can encapsulate Jobs’s life and achievements, it could still make a very fascinating take on the Apple pioneer. 

Now the Hollywood Reporter tells us that Fincher is “in talks,” as they say in the biz, to direct the Sony film, which has been in development since Jobs passed away in October 2011 at the age of 56. Sorkin also wrote The Social Network for Fincher, and it could make a great reunion if Fincher commits.

As the Reporter reminds us, Fincher has a hard time committing to projects, and there have been a lot of movies he’s flirted with directing over the years, including Lords of Dogtown, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. We’ll see if this one comes to pass, but Fincher helming the life of Jobs seems too epic an idea to resist if Sony can make him an offer he can’t refuse.