Marvel Netflix Series to Film in New York

Not only is Marvel setting up its phase three movies, which will reportedly include Doctor Strange and Avengers 3, but it also has a series of more obscure characters set up to debut on Netflix in 2015, including Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. Production will soon be rolling in New York. 

This was announced in a press conference with Marvel executives and the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. As points out, Marvel started in New York, and many of their heroes are based in the big apple as well. The mayor of New York is very excited about these series being made in NY, because it will bring in $200 million in revenue, and create hundreds of new jobs. (Not to mention to $4 million in tax breaks.) 

As Bob Iger, the President of Disney, who own Marvel, said in Variety, it’s important that these series are “authentic,” which is why they’re filming in New York. These heroes will be based out of Hell’s Kitchen, which should add extra grit and toughness. (In fact, the series is being called “The Flawed Heroes of Hell’s Kitchen.”)

While superhero stories are reaching the point of critical mass, we’re definitely looking forward to this series. Daredevil definitely deserves another shot, and I’m especially excited about Luke Cage, who was considered the Blaxploitation superhero of the seventies.