Video Game Aliens Attack the World, Can Adam Sandler Save Us?

There’s quite a few video game movies currently in the works right now, but this one sounds like a pretty interesting concept. A group of aliens attack the world, and their assaults are staged like video games. It’s up to several gamers to defeat them and save the world from certain doom. 

This takes place in a comedy called Pixels, and Adam Sander, Kevin James and Josh Gad will be starring. In Pixels, four gamers will be recruited to save the world, and according to The Wrap and Deadline, Jennifer Aniston was almost onboard as well, per Sandler’s request, but she couldn’t work it out on her schedule. 

If this sounds familiar, it is a bit like The Last Starfighter, where a young video game fanatic is recruited to fight aliens, with his endless hours throttling a joystick serving as his training. 

The screenplay for Pixels was written by Tim Herlihy (The Wedding Singer) and Tim Dowling (Role Models, George Lucas in Love), and Christopher Columbus (Harry Potter) will be directing. 

While we’re not big fans of Adam Sandler, we do hope this is a sign that video game movies could be the next big thing in Hollywood. We’ve been hoping that particular genre may finally be getting its due, and while we don’t think an Adam Sandler movie will be the one to finally turn video game movies around, Pixels is certainly an interesting concept, and we’re curious to see how it turns out.