Fifty Shades of Grey Wraps Production and Sells 100 Million Copies

It was one of the hottest literary properties in the world, and not just because of the sex. When the rights for Fifty Shades of Grey went up for grabs, the major studios clamored for them, and they finally landed at Focus Features, an indie that’s under the Universal umbrella. 

The movie version of Fifty Shades hit some snags, including the original star, Charlie Hunnam, dropping out, the sh*t hitting the fan on the web over the current stars of the film, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, and the release date being shuffled around. Yet the film has finally wrapped on February 21, and the announcement was made by the author, E.L. James, via Twitter. 

As it turns out, James has even more reason to celebrate, because her infamous erotic novel has sold 100 million copies. This is a ginormous success for any book, because in the world of literature, 80% of most books fail in the marketplace. In fact, some will tell you if a non-fiction book sells 5,000 copies it’s considered a success. 

And love it or hate it, Fifty Shades of Grey has been a big boon to the book business, which has taken a big hit with the recession. We’re wondering if there will even be book stores by the time the movie comes out, but there’s certain to be more books selling like hotcakes with the release of the movie next year. 

Look for Fifty Shades of Grey in theaters on Valentine’s Day 2015.