Game of Thrones Doing Gangbuster Business on Video

Game of Thrones will be returning on April 6, and it’s apparently doing quite well with binge watchers. This makes sense because it’s one of those shows that pick up extra ratings when people watch it later on TiVo.

Variety tells us that there’s a new gang of Thrones fans that are driving the show to even greater heights of success, binge watchers who like to gulp the whole thing down in marathon sittings. The first week it became available, season three of Thrones came in at #1 on the home video sales charts. This is even more remarkable considering people are buying the box set in droves.

The set has seven discs, and it knocked off the Disney classic The Jungle Book, off the #1 spot. Ender’s Game, which didn’t take off at the box office, is currently at #3 on the chart, although it made #1 on Home Media Magazine’s rental chart. (We’re still hoping Ender’s Gamecan one day find its audience.) 

So all this bodes very well for Game of Thrones when season four finally hits on April 6. Clearly fans want to bone up on the show before it returns, and it could also mean that there are new fans coming in playing catch up as well. Either way, we’re sure the show will make monster ratings when it finally returns.