The Original Godzilla is Headed Back to Theaters

One of the most anticipated movies coming this summer is the reboot of Godzilla. As we reported here on TGD, the new Godzilla was the most watched trailer on YouTube, with over four million fans checked it out, and we really hope this new Godzilla will finally get it right. 

Now comes word that the original Godzilla from back in 1954 will be hitting theaters again in time for its 60th anniversary. As The Wrap tells us, this is the original version of the film, just as it was first screened in Japan all those years back. 

The original Godzilla will play the TCM Classic Film Festival on April 12, next it will play the New York Film Forum a week after that, and it will then play regionally around the country. This is obviously just in time for the next Godzilla incarnation, which will stomp into theaters on May 16.

It will be interesting to see how audiences today will react to the Godzilla movie that started it all. A lot of moviegoers in modern times don’t watch movies in the context they were made, so it’s important to remember that Godzilla came out during a period when nuclear annihilation was a real threat to the world. He’s definitely more than a guy in a suit stepping on little model buildings, and we’re curious to see what kind of context the next Godzilla will be given today when it comes out this summer.