Angry Birds the Movie is Coming

While the whole Angry Birds thing is a pop culture phenom that’s never been on my radar, the brand is apparently still popular enough in popular culture that an animated movie is in the works at Sony.

As Variety tells us, the movie will be animated at Sony Pictures Imageworks in Vancouver, and it has a release date of July 1, 2016. Again, while the whole Angry Birds thing flew over my head, no pun intended, it’s still the biggest paid app in history, and the Angry Birds Toons show has gotten over a billion views since it debuted last March.

Even the Premier of British Columbia weighed in on all this, because this movie will give a lot of talented animators a lot of work. “Angry Birds is a worldwide phenomenon, and its creators want its movie adaption done right. And to do it right, Sony Pictures Imageworks have shown their faith in Vancouver – and that will lead to more and more jobs.”

Sony also said in a statement that the Angry Birds movie will “employ more artists in Vancouver on a single film than we’ve had on any of our previous CG features.”

So while a lot of trends in pop culture tend to come and go, we get the feeling there will be a big family audience that will enjoy the Angry Birds movie when it’s ready for the 4th of July weekend in 2016. We’re also curious what celebrity voices will be bringing them to life, and we’ll be watching for that as well.