Amazon Launches Its New Series of Series

We’ve reported on TGD that Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Files, is back with a new show, The After, and Amazon’s got him. They’re launching the pilot, and hopefully a full series will soon grow from it if it catches on with audiences. 

And indeed, Amazon is launching five new pilots, including After, Bosch, Transparent, The Rebels, and Mozart in the Jungle. The Hollywood Reporter feels the Amazon output could be a game changer, and that the company “is impressively adding on to what Netflix and Hulu are doing and the result is that viewers will have even more options…with this batch of pilots, it’s pretty clear that Amazon is a player.” 

As for Carter’s The After, The Reporter liked most of it, but thought the excessive cursing and the arbitrary nude scene were distractions. The consensus so far on The After is that the show definitely has potential, and viewers are adopting a wait and see attitude on it. 

The world of media is progressively changing all the time, and now’s a great time to try and change the rules. Amazon is trying to put out as much original entertainment as it can by starting its own publishing division, and by doing these pilots. They’ve even considered using drones to deliver books for pete’s sake. So the company hasn’t achieved world domination just yet, but they’re still trying pretty hard.