Michael Keaton ‘s Batman suit versus new Robocop suit: no contest

These days we see so many superhero suits that are done in hard black rubber, and the first time this was ever done was in the 1989 Batman. Before this, of course, superhero clothes were more leotard-y, where Tim Burton’s Batman brought the superhero costume into the modern age.

As Keaton told IGN and Cinema Blend, the Batsuit came under fire from the fans., Tthe spotlight was really on us because no one had really done anything like this until Tim did it. Now a lot of really talented people do a version of what Tim did with our Batman. Watching [Joel Kinnaman, the new RoboCop], it started to remember all those things.”


Keaton recalled he didn’t see the suit until the first day of shooting, “and we didn’t know if the suit would work. And it kind of didn’t, and we had to keep fixing it. I realized that all the things I thought I was going to do, I couldn’t do them physically. All my preparation, all my working out, all my martial arts, was just gone.”

Keaton feels Kinnaman’s got it really easy with the RoboCop suit, which looks like it’s done in more separate pieces instead of one gigantic, wetsuit kind of design. “You can go out and play three sets of tennis [with it]!,” Keaton laughed. You can move, you can sit, it’s got air conditioning.” And it’s probably a lot easier to go to the bathroom in it too, but nobody brought up that sensitive subject with Keaton.