The Simpsons Gets LEGO’ed, and Stan Lee and Harlan Ellison Guest Star

As long as the Simpsons have been around, it’s funny to think they haven’t gotten the LEGO treatment until now. And once you see the finished result, it’s clear the Simpsons were always a natural to be LEGO-ed.

This is for the Lego set The Simpsons House, which will be released February 1 in LEGO Stores and through the LEGO Shop at Home catalog. As Collider tells us, there will be a Lego themed episode of the show this May. There will also be LEGO minifigures the same month that will be in toy stores everywhere for $3.99 a piece. 

In other Simpsons news, the Hollywood Reporter tells us that Stan Lee and Harlan Ellison will be guest voices on an upcoming episode. In addition, Lee is playing himself in the upcoming Marvel animated series Mighty 7, and on the upcoming episode “Married to the Blob,” which airs this Sunday, he and Ellison will be visiting Springfield. (Lee was a guest voice on the Simpsons twelve years ago for the episode, “I Am Furious Yellow.”)

Having seen clips from the episode, both Lee and Ellison’s personnas are wonderfully spoofed, and as Ellison told the Hollywood Reporter, “Now, after writing over 100 books, I have reached the final stake of posterity by being included in The Simpsons.” It’s good to have them both aboard, and it’s great to see the Simpsons still going strong 26 seasons in.