Star Wars heads to happiest place in the universe

You knew this was coming…it was pretty much a given that there would be Star Wars modifications made to Disneyland considering they now own the franchise, and now those plans are apparently coming to pass.

As Giant Freakin Robot and MiceChat tell us, Tomorrowland will be turned into Star Wars Land, and the Disney Imagineers may already know key plot points from the next installment, because they’re going to have to start building pretty soon. 

According to this report, there may be a Millennium Falcon attraction, which could be built on the people mover platform, an Ewok village, and a Tatooine cantina bar. If things go according to plan, this Disney transformation could be ready by 2017, which is also when the James Cameron Avatar land should be ready as well. 

As Robot tells us, there will also be an Iron Man Experience, which will open in Disneyland Hong Kong. So several years from now, Disneyland will look at lot different than we’re used to seeing it, and we’re just as curious as anyone to see what Star Wars, Avatar, and Iron Man exhibits will potentially look like in the near future.