Nano PC is powered by AMD’s Mullins SoC

AMD recently showcased its next-gen, quad-core Mullins processor powering an uber-mini PC known as the “Nano.”

Small enough to hold in your hand, the device is packed with 2GB of RAM, up to 256GB of solid state storage (SSD) and support for HD streaming (1080p) as well as gaming. 

According to Liliputing’s Brad Linder, the Nano PC is equipped with a single DockPort which allows users to connect a variety of peripherals including a display, USB devices and power supply.

“AMD is showing a few different boxes with HDMI and USB ports that you can connect to the Nano PC to give it all the connectivity you’d expect from a full PC,” Linder explained.

“The company plans to start shipping its 2W, quad-core Mullins chips to compete with Intel Atom and ARM-based chips later this year.”

It should probably be noted that the Nano PC is currently a concept and not yet available. As Linder points out, it will be up to third-party manufacturers to determine how best to deploy Mullins chips in tablets, notebooks and desktop PCs.