The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Return

It’s too bad the movie for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was a disaster, because the graphic novel was a hell of an epic. Now it’s thankfully returning this March, and this time they’re fighting some really bad guys in nazi Germany. 

As the Hollywood Reporter informs us, this is a new spin-off that’s called Nemo: The Roses of Berlin, and it takes place in Germany during Hitler’s occupation. This is a sequel to Nemo: Heart of Ice, where Janni Dakkar, is the daughter of Captain Nemo, who has taken over the helm of the Nautius. 

The new Gentleman series is being called “a dark Teutonic counterpart” to the original League series by Top Shelf Publications, and it also promises to be “a blazing new adventure, set in a city of totalitarian shadows and mechanical nightmares.” This new installment is a 56 page hardcover graphic novel, with Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill still writing and illustrating.

Even with today’s movie technology, it’s much easier to create an incredible epic story on paper, and we’re looking forward to seeing what Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill have up their sleeves next.