Stan Lee Is Now 91 Years Old

Stan Lee hit the big 91 on December 28, and it’s great to see one of the greatest representatives of comics and superheroes is still with us. We can also imagine that Stan the Man must really be relishing the fact that comic books and superheroes have never been hotter. 

As far as we can tell, Lee’s still got it upstairs, and when you speak to Lee on the phone, you’d think he was somebody at least thirty years younger. It’s remarkable to see anyone at his age still having this kind of enthusiasm and energy for comics, but we feel that stuff like comic books and superheroes of stuff keeps people young, and Lee is still remarkably a kid at heart. tells us that Lee may also soon hit a million followers on Twitter. As this story was being finalized, he was at a little over 990K, and we have the feeling he should finally get over that hump pretty soon. (As this story was being finalized, Lee hit the magic million.) 

So what else can we say except it’s great to still have Lee around, and we of course wish him a very happy birthday. Excelsior!