Renegade Kung Fu Cop Takes On Hitler

Imagine someone saying, “Give me some money to make a movie about a Kung Fu cop who travels back in time to kill Adolf, aka Kung Fuhrer, but ends up with a machine gun wielding Viking and a buff giant Norse god and they ride dinosaurs and fly kick stormtroopers.” You would not hesitate.

Kung Fury is, presently, a Kickstarter campaign and an excellent trailer. It managed to raise $200,000 in just two days, and is aiming to raise $1 million to turn the idea into a fully formed blockbuster. So far it has raised $362,000, which is more than enough for the creation of the 30 minute film version that would be released for free online.

We can’t do this any justice in prose. Check out the trailer below and go here to support the creative genius behind this project, David Sandberg, who has already put $5,000 of his own money into this Miami, Asgard, Nazi Germany fusion of everything great about the 80’s.