Fighting the Net Trolls

While the internet is one of the greatest boons to mankind, many hate it for the fact that so many people post nothing but trash, and can get away with it because they’re anonymous. The modern vernacular calls these denizens “trolls,” and frankly, trying to fight their vitriol is a pretty futile exercise, something like trying to hold back the ocean with a broom. 

As Fox News reports, “Nearly three-quarters of teens and young adults think people are more likely to use discriminatory language online or in text messages than in face to face conversations.” No duh there, but there are now sites where you have to log in through Google Plus and Facebook to comment. This means you can no longer be anonymous, and this is fine with us, because we’re big believers in putting your money where your mouth is. 

A lot of sites have been coming down on comments that are really vicious, including the Huffington Post and the metal site Logging in through Facebook at Blabbermouth has definitely taken down the trolling, but on sites like Blabbermouth the troll comments can be absolutely hilarious, and I miss some of the troll brigade who disappeared when they had to reveal themselves. 

So while a lot of us are sick and tired of net trolling, and the moronic comments that people can make behind the anonymity of their computers, much of this stuff is also protected by the First Amendment, and if we want freedom, we have to put up with this nonsense along with the good stuff the internet can bring. (And we’re of the opinion that with the net the pros far outweigh the cons.)