Spider-Man 2 trailer: starts whiny ends up cheesy CGI

Okay, this is a joke and a half that only a fanboy can love. Peter Parker, Spider-Man, is one of those heroes that you want to punch in the face for being so angst ridden and annoying and whiny and just annoying. But, he has super powers. This sequel is going to make billions. We will see it. We will not be happy.

Yeah, I said it, Spider-Man is a whiny little #@$%. And the special effects look like your typical summer movie fare: physically impossible and very predictable in a shark jumping sort of way.

But, there is Emma Stone. Yes! Emma, Emma, Emma. You are like the one beacon of hope in this travesty of over-hyped, cheesy CGI. You’ll be even better once you drop that douchey boyfriend of yours and come live with me and my mom.

Feast your eyes on this and get the taste of that trailer out of your mouth.