Ozzy Osbourne Now Officially a Senior Citizen

On December 3 came a day that even Ozzy himself probably never thought would come to pass: His 65th birthday. Yes, hard as it is to believe, Ozzy’s now officially a senior citizen, and he’s probably just as surprised as you are that he’s made it this far. 

We of course all know Ozzy as the singer of Black Sabbath, as well as for the legendary solo albums his created with Randy Rhoads on guitar. He’s also been well known for his insane rock star behavior, doing enough drugs to kill a pack of elephants, and for being a reality star over a decade ago.

Currently he’s touring with Black Sabbath, and this road jaunt will end early next year. The band has publically stated this will probably be their swan song, but Ozzy has made it clear he’d be more than happy to do more with Sabbath in the future. 

Back when I saw the reunited Sabbath play in 1999, more than one critic made fun of the fact that the band was collectively over two hundred years old. They’re obviously older today, but those old guys can still kick your ass. So God Bless ya Ozzy, and it’s always great to have Sabbath around.