Bruce Lee’s Track Suit Can Be Yours

If you ever wondered why Uma Thurman wore a yellow and black striped track suit in Kill Bill, it was inspired by Bruce Lee. Lee wore the same outfit in Game of Death, his last film, that was pieced together from uncompleted footage, and padded with new scenes shot with an unconvincing looking double.

Now the Huffington Post tells us that Lee’s legendary costume is going up at auction in Hong Kong. According to this report, the auction house putting this suit up for sale expects $32-38,000.

This suit was custom tailored for Lee. This report tells us that Lee gave the suit to a former student, Taky Kimura, who later sold it to Spink auction house. Other Lee props that will be up for sale are a pair of nunchucks, which are expected to go for $26-38,000, and a whip used in the film, which could go for $9-10,000. 

Bruce Lee will always be the baddest martial arts star ever. Like a kung-fu Muhammad Ali, there was nobody else who had the same combination of skill, grace, charisma and class. For one lucky fan, he or she can now own one of the best outfits Lee ever wore, and having it displayed on your wall or hanging in your closet will sure make a hell of a conversation piece.