300: Rise of an Empire full length trailer is here

Eva Green is going to kick some Greek butt. Xerxes is still confused about his sexuality but is clear about not being a Persian Goldmember. Honest, he isn’t. Meanwhile, the Spartans, who historically didn’t give much of a thought about sea battles, are flying through the air for freedom, as long as it does not apply to Helots. It’s camp, and butch, and all Lady Gaga, and Fascist, and stuff, all at the same time. Enjoy! 

Really we don’t care. We like our Snyderesque takes on history because the dusky man is going to get it no matter how much hotter he is than the surprisngly twink-like Euro-trash coming after his massive armada.

If only we had paid attention at school, we could refute the whole shenanigans as just one bunch of revisionist history dressed up as Abercrombie & Fitch gets down and dirty in ancient Greece.

Here’s our version of an Easter Egg because, only people with an iron constitution will have anything left to give after that trailer. Here is the classic A&F skit from that show that was soooo much better than SNL.