Will the Trailers for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Interstellar Play Before The Hobbit?

For us geeks, we not only anticipate movies with great fervor, but we also can’t wait for the trailers either. It’s great to finally see scenes from movies we can’t wait for, and there may be two great trailers playing before The Hobbit when it comes out next week. 

Giant Freakin Robot tells us that the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes trailer may i play before the Hobbit, and a teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan’s long awaited follow up to The Dark Knight Rises may also be shown as well. 

As Robot tells us, early footage from the Apes sequel was also shown at Comic Con, but this could be a much longer look into the next Apes film, which is scheduled to hit theaters on July 18, 2014. Interstellar is Nolan’s sci-fi debut, and while everything is top secret on that project, we do know it has to do with wormholes, and possibly time travel.

Nolan is currently in the middle of production on Interstellar, and Collider tells us the trailer is reportedly a minute and forty-three seconds long. As writer Adam Chitwood speculates, “It’s likely that the trailer will mimic the first teaser for Inception, which simply featured tantalizing graphics, very brief out-of-context shots from the film, and tense music.” 

Both films are certain to be hotly anticipated genre films for next year, and we’re dying to see what Nolan can do in the sci-fi world when it’s ready on November 7. As for the next Apes film, there’s a new director in charge, Matt Smith (Cloverfield), and we’re also very curious to see if Apes will continue its successful reinvention from here.