Trying to Reverse a Death on Family Guy

There were recent reports that a major character on The Simpsons will soon die on the show. The sad irony of this is that we just lost Marcia Wallace, the voice of one of my favorite characters on the show, Mrs. Krabappel. While we don’t know whether plans will still go forward to have a character on The Simpsons pass away, we did just lose a character on Family Guy, and fans aren’t too pleased about this.

By now, everybody probably knows that Brian Griffin, the family dog, has been killed, and thankfully it won’t put some poor voice actor out of work because Seth MacFarlane provided his voice. This definitely took many people by surprise, and the Hollywood Reporter tells us fans have already made up a petition hoping to bring Brian back. 

This popped up hours after the show aired on by a Family Guy fan in Alabama. He also warned that “Family Guy and Fox Broadcasting will lose viewers if Brian Griffin is not brought back to the show.” When the petition was linked on Facebook, it got over 91,000 likes. No official word from MacFarlane why Brian was killed off, but we’re sure something will hit the press soon. 

There have been times in movies and TV where a character was brought back from the dead, like when Bobby on Dallas wound up alive because the previous season was a dream or something like this. Maybe Family Guy will bring back Brian this way as a goof, or maybe he will guide the family as a spirit, a la Obi Wan on Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben.