Trading Friday the 13th For Interstellar?

If you happened to grow up in the early eighties, you certainly knew about the Friday the 13th movies, even if you weren’t allowed to see them. They were what were called “mad slasher films,” an early incarnation of what became “torture porn,” and they ushered in an incredible era of make-up effects. 

So it shouldn’t be any surprise that Friday the 13th is slated for the reboot treatment. Oh wait a second…wasn’t Friday the 13th remade four years ago? And didn’t it tank? This is true, but now they’re trying all over again, with a new installment hitting theaters on March 13, 2015, a Friday, naturally. 

Yet as Collider reminds us, Paramount and Warner Brothers cut a deal in what the site calls a “property swap.” Paramount got the rights back to Friday the 13th , and Warner Brothers got a piece of Interstellar, which will be Christopher Nolan’s big sci-fi epic, due in theaters a little less than a year from now on November 7, 2014.

I’m a long time fan of horror films, but watching the Friday the 13th movies today, they don’t hold up particularly well. I also felt they should have quit while they were ahead with the series. Paramount wanted to end it with Part Four, but it made a ton of money, so the sequels kept on coming. This version is also being called, “Not a sequel to the reboot, mind you, another reboot entirely.” Got that?