Can Aquaman Get Rebooted?

Whenever people talk about rebooting superheroes, the most obvious one never comes up: Aquaman. He’s become a long running joke on Entourage as a fictional film directed by James Cameron, but there may now be a serious effort underway to revive Aquaman, and why not? 

We certainly haven’t run out of superheroes to reboot, but Aquaman is definitely a big one that deserves a second chance. As a DC executive told the trade, “He’s a priority character for the company.” 

The Aquaman comics still sell well, and Aquaman’s been going steady at the comic stores since he debuted in 1941. As one comic pundit told Variety, “Aquaman’s root problem is that he’s boring. In many ways, he suffers from the problems that plague King Arthur as a main character, which is why most Arthurian stories are not about Arthur but about his knights.” 

So indeed, there is a strong effort underway to revive Aquaman and make him cool for modern day. We also wouldn’t be shocked if an Aquaman movie gets announced soon, and he’ll hopefully get beyond his time as an Entourage joke, which thankfully isn’t anywhere near as damaging as jumping the shark or nuking the fridge.