Gran Turismo Movie is Headed to the Big Screen

It looks like Hollywood is no longer afraid of adapting video games. The movie adaption of World of Warcraft is slated for a December 2015 release, and many other titles are on the fast track for development. Now it looks like the big screen version of Gran Turismo has a screenwriter, and it’s somebody who understands genre well.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Alex Tse, who adapted Watchmen, is now aboard to adapt Gran Turismo. It’s not hard to figure out why this one got the greenlight. The Fast and Furious movies are still doing big business, and the trailer for Need For Speed was just unveiled this week as well. 

Watchmen was clearly not an easy graphic novel to adapt, director Zack Synder called it the “anti Avengers,” but it was certainly an ambitious, if not entirely successful, try. Tse has also written a script for the remake of The Crow, as well as the remake of Highlander. 

As the Reporter reminds us, Turismo is one of PlayStation’s most popular games, and it’s made $60 to $70 million in sales. Yet a fast car story isn’t much without interesting characters and at least some semblance of a plot, so we’re hoping Gran Turismo can rise above the usual fast and furious fare.