Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to Produce the Big Screen Version of Sleeper

If you’re not happy about Ben Affleck taking over as Batman, and who is really?, this story may not encourage you, but apparently he’s coming back to the comic business, adapting the DC title Sleeper with his old buddy Matt Damon producing as well.

Sleeper was a title that came out through DC Comic’s Wildstorm label, and it was created by Ed Brubaker. The main character of Sleeper is Holden Carver, who goes undercover into the criminal organization TAO. Carver develops alien powers that make him immune to pain, and he can pass this ability on to others through his touch. 

As The Hollywood Reporter tells us, a movie version of Sleeper has been in the works for a long time at Warner Brothers, originally with Tom Cruise up to star, and Sam Raimi potentially directing. Onboard working on the screenplay are Shawn Ryan, creator of The Shield, and David Wiener, who writes for The Killing. 

As we’ve reported before, DC is trying to catch up with Marvel at the movies and on television, and perhaps this is why Sleeper may be getting out of development hell. As Indie Wire reported about a week ago, DC is indeed hoping to launch a number of superhero adaptations, which could lead up to a Justice League movie in 2017.