Fans of Hunger Games and Twilight Don’t Mix

The next installment of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, opens today, and the box office pundits predict it could end up making $160 million this weekend. You may not be nuts about the Hunger Games, but thank God it replaced Twilight as the hot young adult property.

Except the Twihards apparently haven’t moved on from their beloved Edward and Bella. The Daily Beast tells that that in spite of the massive success of The Hunger Games, and the hopes that it would become the next Twilight, the Twihards don’t get along with the Hunger Games fans. 

As one fan commented on the net, “Twilight can beat Hunger Games any day, because Hunger Games is just a competition with a tiny bit of romance. Twilight, on the other hand, has battle, romance, friendship problems, and more.” Another fan comment? “I love Twilight and in my opinion it’s WAY WAY WAY better than THG because the books have more detail and the films are better.” 

How do the Games fans respond? “Twilgiht is just so stupid. Twihards are so annoying.” Another amusing comment tells us, “If we measure the deepness of the storyline, Twilight is a puddle and Hunger Games is a lake.” 

This news is a bit disturbing to us, because we were truly hoping Twilight would be long forgotten by now. We were also hoping teenage girls would have moved on to something more substantive in their literary and cinematic tastes. It’s funny how the Twilight / Hunger Games comparisons still continue, even though both sagas are apples and oranges. So to quote Rodney King, can’t we all get along?