Is Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead Comeback Imminent?

We just reported here on TGD that Bruce Campbell recently spoke about another authentic Evil Dead movie, and that Sam Raimi would helm it. Campbell also joked about battling demons as an old man, and he gave the impression he’d love to come back and play Ash because he’s not as busy as he used to be.

Not long after we posted that report, another report popped up from Fede Alvarez, the director of the Evil Dead reboot, that said Sam will indeed be directing Army of Darkness 2. As Cinema Blend tells us, Alvarez mentioned Army of Darkness 2 at WonderCon, and that the plan is it would set up another Evil Dead sequel. But this sequel will be a hybrid film that would combine the old school style, and the new rebooted style and characters. 

This could be an interesting idea, bringing Ash and the new heroine, Mia, together, although as a horror purist, I wouldn’t want my horror cross-contaminated. I’m especially against horror remakes, although the new Evil Dead certainly pleased a lot of fans out there. It also got good reviews, and of course made a lot of money, so we’re sure there will be more of the rebooted style down the road as well. 

It would really be wonderful to have Sam and Bruce make one more Evil Dead flick, and we’re dying to see what Raimi could do with today’s technology. Of course it has to have the low budget vibe, but considering what Raimi could pull off with next to nothing back in the day, we’d love to see what he can do on an Evil Dead movie in modern times.